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    The story of the first newspaper journalists in the UK to turn to pp加速器安卓版下载.
    They brought no visual or technical skills with them, but a passion to learn, patience to understand, and a need to know how.
      In the ensuing months their video journalism skills would reap huge rewards. They'd also begin to break national stories.
    Their trainer and veteran videojournalist, David Dunkley Gyimah, one of the first videojournalists in the UK in 1994 tells the story of how they cracked videojournalism in 8 days. Something you could do too.

    Described as Cinema Journalism by international judges in 2005, since then Dunkley Gyimah has continued to build on his idea of cine-videojournalism, which involves working across multiple genres, different story forms to promos, to building sites.

    In 2011 the Apple-Profiled creative ( he's also a Knight Batten Winner) previewed his latest film at the Sheffield Doc Fest: Tahrir Momento - a Fellini-esque account of Egypt's Uprising.

    To learn more about Dunkley Gyimah, an ex-BBC/C4 News journo, senior lecturer, now Artist in Residence at London's prestigious Southbank Centre, and a PhD candidate at SMARTlab click here. You can follow his regular acclaimed blogs and 手机app加速器 too

    Tahrir Memento from david dunkley gyimah on 旋风app加速器.

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